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As we embark upon a new week, we do not want our new housing announcements to get lost in the fray of our ever-changing master list.

To make it manageable for review if you haven’t gotten a chance yet, underneath is an organized list of clickable links that lead to all of the new areas revealed over the weekend.

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you have to do it it's a dare

"I doubt that Kano and Seto are okay with such a thing.  I’m sure as hell not.”

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i dare you seto and kano to get together and talk about ayano

"… The past is the past.  I refuse to talk about it any more."

What the hell do you know, anyways.

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truth: who do you care for a lot

"The Mekakushi-dan members."

Ohhh yeah smoothly avoiding the embarrassing questions.

#meme sunday

Please preface questions with “Truth”


how can you see into my eyes like open doors @ikanotbelieve


Even as he asked, he wasn’t given that satisfaction. The female still clung onto him, never letting go and not one bit. It was rather upsetting that she couldn’t give him that confirmation but as much as he tried to do what was good for her, did she not release. The possibility of how easy it was for them to be separated could happen again and all he wanted to prevent. Did she deem him to be playing around? There was nothing like that, even with the smile that stayed on his features had he waited for her to compromise. In the silence that they both were dwelling in, he could only take a deep breath. Not like he coudl push her off for the grip she placed on him was rather tight, seeing her this was only disappointed him more and he had to take in the fact that it was his fault.

You shouldn’t do this to yourself, Kido! You’re suppose to be really strong. Giving her praise even while wanting to help her, she was only making this more hard for both of them. Speaking to her as if everything was alright was rather easy for him, there had been many situations that involved him playing out his cool and not craving into the sadness that was brought with it. Did she want something in return, is that why she stayed by so close? He knew her for about give or take eleven years and the female had always stayed strong. Seeing her break down over something as simple as him was the reason why he believed, that this would be better for the two. It had been a long time since either one of them had been depressed, stating that day when their happiness had came to be a closed lesson for them all.

He could feel how her weight was pressed onto him, she was only a bit more taller than him but he was able to keep her up. With the shifting of positions and her face hidden so that he couldn’t see. He was use to those words, being called all sorts of negative things because of his actions and as she saw his words to be something but lies and slander, idiotic talk that he didn’t need to speak so normally. But I’m serious, you know, if I wasn’t here right now. You wouldn’t be like this. I’ve never seen you act such a way. Once she released him, he could only place a hand on his hip.


You’re missing the point. I don’t want to hurt you. That was never my ambition. Do you know how happy you would have been if you came across me! Let’s face it, you could have went off and been all happy!! Watching movies or something like that! I don’t want to ruin anything for you, I get a little bit of hurt feelins if you’re sad. Just think how better life would be Kido! It would be reaaaally nice, and I don’t blame you if that’s what you really want. Taking a step back had he clapped hus hands a bit, applauding her.

Her expression changed to that of one of pure perplexity and confusion, rather than her usual glare. ’Missing the point’?  Kano was the one missing the point, wasn’t he?

“H… ‘Happy’…?”  Quite frankly, Kido felt insulted at the suggestion.  How ignorant of him.  “There’s no way… I haven’t— I haven’t been happy even a single day in this place since I got here!”

The girl clenched her teeth, and her hands were once again balled up into fists, white at the knuckles; an uncontrollable action at this point. However, she wouldn’t be using them. Kido was a person who was awful at expressing her feelings in words, but if such a grave misunderstanding stood in between them, there was no room for failure – she would have to try her best to convey them.

“How— How can I be happy?! How could I? I’m not— not so selfish, or worthless, that I could just go and forget everything like that, like it was nothing. For god’s sake, Kano, I haven’t forgotten about the Mekakushi-dan even a single second since I got here!”


“Stop talking like you know everything.  It’s not like I freaking asked to come here – I was kidnapped, same as you! I was taken away from everyone, and dumped in this fake joke of a city to experiment, like we’re not even human… like some monster. They… they said I was in a completely different universe from you guys— and you think I can just go and pretend that nothing like that ever happened, and just 'be happy' here how things are?!”

Kido took a huge breath – this conversation sure was tiresome.  She wondered if it was visible on her face; her worry, stress, lack of sleep.  Even though she hated the nighttime, she was glad for it right then, because it had become so dark out that there was hardly anyone on the street to hear her angry spiel.

“Just use your dumb brain to think for once, Kano, because everything sure as hell doesn’t revolve around you. I was worried about everything, and everyone back at the base. If you thought I was crushed just by seeing your ugly mug of a face like that… I’m not that pathetic.


"I’ll be honest with you — it’s the opposite.  Seeing you here was the first time I felt anything even remotely close to ‘happiness’ in… well, months.  So just…"  She heaved a sigh.  "… cheer up.  Smile like that dumb grin that you always do, or something.  I don’t know."

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